Specializing in quality hand-woven tapestries , rugs and wall-hangings

Weavings are among the most ancient of decorative arts, yet they remain completely contemporary and cost-effective in today's interior design. They can add a comfort and warmth of colour to your surroundings that lasts through the years. Woolen rugs woven at the Weavery over twenty years ago are still in use today and likely to be in use for many more years to come.

Made of all natural products, weavings appeal to the environmentally conscious consumer. Since tapestries and rugs of any intricacy must be hand-made, variation and uniqueness add to their charm.

The Weavery

The weavery is equipped with two Leclerc looms, a 36" Tisart loom and a "45" Nilus four harness loom.

The Tisart is a vertical tapestry loom with two harnesses which only allows a plain weave. It is an ideal loom for rug weaving and creating tapestries.

The Nilus is primarily used for weaving cloth yardage as the four harnesses allow for a more complex design. It can also be used for wider tapestries and rugs and for double weaves.

In addition to the large looms, there are several small portable looms for weaving samples and smaller items. These include the LeClerc loom "Dorothy" (15.75") four-harness loom, the "Penelope", a 22.5" tapestry loom and an inkle loom for weaving belts.

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